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The international campaign “Water for people! Transnationals: Respect Our Rights” is an information initiative centering on indigenous, traditional and peasant peoples from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Peru whose rights to water, health and protest have been seriously affected by transnational mining and steel companies.

“Water for people!” seeks to denounce the violations committed and also their authorship, naming and blaming the companies that pollute, contaminate, destroy and monopolize the water.

The international campaign also publicizes and seeks to strengthen the strategies of resistance and building of collective well-being developed by indigenous, traditional and peasant peoples in defense of their rights to water, land, territory and life.

In each of the four countries where the campaign takes place, local organizations support the communication and networking initiatives of the communities who play a leading role in international action: Bienaventurados los Pobres in Argentina, Justiça nos Trilhos in Brazil, Pensamiento y Acción Social in Colombia, and CooperAcción in Peru.

 The Problem

Las actividades mineras, especialmente las llevadas a cabo por corporaciones transnacionales, han cometido graves afectaciones a los derechos humanos y colectivos de los pueblos originários, tradicionales y campesinos y serios daños a nuestro ambiente natural.

Las transnacionales mineras basan sus actividades en la expropiación de la tierra, del agua, en el monopolio del agua, en la violencia contra los cuerpos y los modos de vida de los pueblos vinculados a la tierra. La minería es una cadena de prácticas humanas, ambientales y éticas insostenibles.

Los desastres ambientales, como vertidos, grandes contaminaciones y rotura de represas, son la cara más explícita de las violaciones cometidas y permitidas por las compañías mineras contra los pueblos, sus territorios y el medio ambiente.

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